I think I read on

I think I read on one of those tacky tip boards at Yahoo that when you’re having a bad day, the trick is to make it worse. Do every pissy thing you’ve been putting off–the day is already shot to shit, you may as well pack it all in. I think today is the day I make all my medical & dental appointments and pay my taxes. If I had pills to give the cats, that would be perfect.

All I wanted to do was get her favorites copied over from her old computer. I noticed the display on her flat-panel monitor was pretty bad, so I made some adjustments. I carefully adjusted the hertz, because these things can go bad. HA! It went bad anyway. A black screen, and it wouldn’t recover. Another monitor later, still no sunshine. So I have to pull the box and hook it up to the testing station so I can adjust the hertz back to where it will work with the flat-panel, then take it back to her office. Another five-minute job becomes a 30-minute (so far) ordeal. Jeeze.

It’s a good day to change my phone service, and if I had a boyfriend, I’d break up with him.

Addendum: let’s top this off with the fact that I FORGOT ABOUT SAFE MODE. I’m gonna kill myself now.

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