I have a funny secret

I have a funny secret and I can’t keep it to myself any more. One of my real-life friends, who shall remain nameless, has a crush on Robyn. Nearly every day he asks: “Has she signed up yet?” and I say: “No, why would she?” Then I go on to explain (again) that I’ve never actually talked with Robyn, I just like her and linked her–which is how he found the site. We’ve developed the unfortunate habit of calling her the little meerkat, which is a pretty undignified thing to call a stranger. He just goes on and on. I laugh my ass off. He loves her nose. He loves her sense of humor. I’ve had web crushes myself, so I do understand. I know he’s not a whackjob–hell, he’s even cute. I’d consider him dateable if I didn’t already know him too well. Not that I’m trying to sell him to poor Robyn or anything–just trying to put her mind at ease should she find this and think she’s got a long-distance stalker on her hands. No, no stalker for her. Just a source of tremendous entertainment for me.

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