Jerry took the time to

Jerry took the time to go through all my disks, compare them to his to see what we had in common (a lot), and make a long list of recommendations. He did all this very quickly, which leads me to believe Jerry may not be entirely human. But I won’t hold that against him. Today for a bit of fun, I printed his list and went on a Lunch Shoppie:

the american

Angie Aparo: The American

Jerry says I’ll like this because it’s good pop songcraft. He’s right to assume I love a good pop song. I’m completely unfamiliar with Aparo, which is why it’s fun.

dead air for radios

Chroma Key: Dead Air for Radios

Jerry sez: very Peter Gabriel like, except also very different. Another group I’ve never heard.

hatful of rain

Del Amitri: Hatful of Rain

Jerry sez: because I like Crowded House and Squeeze. He actually recommended Change Everything, but it wasn’t available. This is a best-of, which is a good intro. As soon as he mentioned Del Amitri, I got “Roll to Me” stuck in my head. Loathe as I am to admit I ever liked anything featured on a Free Willy soundtrack…these guys have been on my list for a while. Jerry gave me courage. I shouldn’t let Free Willy ruin things for me.

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