The Blogathon just made it

The Blogathon just made it half way to the $10,000 goal! Wow! This is exciting and wonderful. In a fucked up world, this is going a long way toward reaffirming my faith in humanity. There are a lot of philosophies that teach one to look for the good in any situation. The Baha’is say: “If a man has ten bad qualities and one good one, note the one and ignore the ten.” Or something like that (sez the Queen of Paraphrasing). During a daily routine that includes reading the news, reading what people have to say about the news, and putting up with ignorance in multiple forms, the ten bad are a constant slap in the face. The ‘thon has brought out the one. And it’s a shining, beautiful thing. People with all sorts of different skill levels, from all over the web, are joining with others because they give a damn. I guess we’re all on the road to not being shitheads.

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