Remember this? I’m not going

Remember this? I’m not going this year. I finally found the courage to say no. One of the biggest hurdles to getting out of training was the fact that I would have to admit to my boss that it was a depression trigger. Which means admitting that I have depression. Even though it’s largely under control and has been for some time, I still expect to be judged for it. I don’t know if that will come to pass, but I did explain that my health is more important than several days of useless (for me) training. I tried to get out of telling him of course, but that didn’t work. Ah well. If anyone out there has ever had to admit a mental illness to a supervisor, I’m sure you know what I’m feeling now. Will this taint his opinion of me? Color everything I do from this point forward? I’m hoping he just forgets about it.

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