Said I’d get over it,

Said I’d get over it, din’t I?

Got back a while ago from a nice time with my friend Scott. He and I have to be careful because we tend to piss off one another. It’s been a 15-year struggle to understand this man who is unimpressed by all the things that impress me, and cynical about all the things in which I find hope. He is, nonetheless, a very interesting, talented, and good man, so the effort is worth it.

We went to see A.I.

  • Snarky Quip #1: “The movie had a beautifully poignant, perfect ending. Too bad they didn’t stop there.”

  • Snarky Quip #2: “The good news is that Speilberg truly sublimated his own style to pay homage to Stanley Kubrick. The bad news is that I’ve never liked Kubrick.”

The movie was full of wonderful performances, amazing sets, the usual. But also as usual, it belabored the point. And belabored, and belabored, and…well, you get the point.

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