The following is a Personal

The following is a Personal Thought. Skip if you’re feeling light-hearted.

Why does my picture of me not match the reality? Sure, my life is great, but it’s not the life in my head. Mind you, my head-life (heh, sounds like head-lice) is nothing spectacular. It’s just a little different than what’s going on. It’s like I’m a walking cognitive distortion. And I don’t know what to do about it. Well, that’s not true. Sometimes I picture myself talking to a shrink, and I tell the shrink what I want to do, and he says “Well then DO it, you silly fartpuppet!” Okay, he doesn’t actually call me a “fartpuppet”, but you get the idea. It’s just a matter of getting off my ass. But man…my ass is so comfortable.

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