Lots of bloggers have extra

Lots of bloggers have extra sites devoted to something they’re devoted to. Buffy, X-Files, Survivor, many popular and prosperous things. So why is my pet project Paul Mercurio Online? Do I have a massive crush? Do I think he’s the world’s finest entertainer? Am I just delusional? Yes, I am aware of the obscurity of my subject. No, I don’t have a crush (though I did begin it thinking he was mighty hunky), I have what I consider normal faith in his talent. I may be delusional. There are two facts to know: why I began and why I stay. The first is that datahounds abhor a vacuum. I was just looking for a nice pic for my Crush section, and I found almost nothing out there. Also, as I dug I found the bits and pieces that were there intriguing. The guy has had an interesting career. I couldn’t stand that there was no comprehensive page for it. So why do I stay? Let’s put it this way: if I made a comprehensive fan site devoted to, say, Jason Kottke, he’d likely ignore it, and me along with it. And Jason’s never been in a major motion picture. At least not that I know of. On the other hand, it took Paul about 24 hours to contact me after PMO went up. We’ve continued to be in contact, and he’s a very, very nice man. He’s also very real–he wouldn’t know pretention if it bit him in the ass. That’s why I stay.

You know what? The ‘thon has prevented me from updating PMO for quite a while, and I’m feeling withdrawals. I may just talk about my favorite Aussie a few times during this run.

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