It was an evening that

It was an evening that built to a crescendo.

Last night was my big celebration for completing the Blogathon. It began with a bad movie. Jurassic III is a nasty piece of plotless tripe that should never have been made. Poor Sam Neill, he’s far too dignified to grace this sort of crap. The company, on the other hand, was delightful. There were six of us, Janie, Kelly, Mary, John, and John’s cute brother Craig.

Janie recommended Alessandro’s for dinner, where we had excellent Italian and an attentive waiter. I haven’t gone out with that many people in a while. It was nice to have a table large enough to support two conversations. We talked about wild parties (white trash, sister fights, Kelly setting things on fire), music, work. Craig scored major points with Janie and me for knowing who the Finn brothers are. It’s a pity only Janie and I went on to the show, because everyone else missed…

…the best fucking show I’ve ever seen. Afrocelt Sound System were not only perfect in musicianship, they were exhuberant showmen able to whip a packed house into a joyful frenzy. The venue was the Crystal Ballroom–a huge, gorgeous room painted with murals and floored with a floating dance surface that makes a hell of a lot of noise when a few thousand people stomp on it. And stomp we did. I left after two hours of high-energy music with hands swollen from clapping, feet swollen from pistoning up and down, and absolutely nothing else swollen because of sheer water loss. There were low points. There were a couple of icky chicks there that didn’t quite understand how to behave around children, of which there were plenty. One of them threw an empty water bottle toward the corner and instead hit Janie squarely in the head. Okay, she came over and apologized, but jeeze. Don’t throw shit! Still, that couldn’t diminish how amazing that show was for me. I just slept for 10 hours and can barely walk. Glad I don’t have to go to work today.

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