A blind woman who works

A blind woman who works near here and owns a crappy seeing-eye dog. He seems like the sweetest animal you could ever want, but he’s never paying attention, and always dragging her way off to the left. I know there’s supposed to be some push-pull involved, but she has to lean back and be dragged more than usual. This afternoon we were on opposite sides of the street waiting for the light to change. The dog was watching me intently, I assumed because he would guide her across the street when I started walking. The light changed, I stepped into the crosswalk. The dog just watched. I finally rolled my eyes and gave him a subtle “c’mere boy” gesture. He got the hint and led is charge into the crosswalk. I suppose I should be thankful that the dog is over-cautious and not just distracted and reckless. Still, the poor darling needs another job. Like family pet.

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