Strictly Accessible I recently wrote

Strictly Accessible

I recently wrote a contact (hi Sue!) at the original distributor for Strictly Ballroom to see what was up with the DVD release. She didn’t know and told me to drop a line to the producer. I thought: **sputter**

I’ve always maintained that folks is folks, and no one should be treated differently because of their profession. Nonetheless, I certainly never expect folks in the entertainment industry to be accessible. If you can’t brush off a fan, who can you brush off? Well, silly me. Either I’m just wrong, wrong, wrong, or things are very different in Australia. Okay, probably the latter. In any case, he wrote right back to tell me that (drumroll, please) Strictly will be available on DVD this Christmas, alone and with a box set of Baz’ other two films. YES!

The troops (such as they are–it’s a very young group) will now mobilize the Strictly Midnight Campaign, organizing midnight showings everywhere we can. Wanna help? write me, dahling.

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