Geek Cred The day before

Geek Cred

The day before yesterday, Wil Wheaton’s comedic ability was little-known. He was just the kid from Stand By Me and the guy who played Wesley Crusher. In the public eye, he was (sorry Wil) unremembered or unremarkably remembered. Then yesterday, his new site was discovered and linked at MeFi. Despite the initial disparaging remark, folks flocked to his blog and found out that not only was he a geek (a good thing ’round here), but he was a likable geek.

Today, Wil Wheaton is cool. His cool started in a small community yesterday, and is spreading like wildfire. Thus are the advantages of being an interesting person and letting people know it. But this is my real question: how will this affect his career? There has been a subtle underground change in how people perceive him, and that is bound to reach the mainstream. What happens then?

Wil, thanks for volunteering for what could be a very interesting social experiment. I’m going to go rent your movies now.

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