Cruel Art Project I’ve decided

Cruel Art Project

I’ve decided to have a little fun at a friend’s expense. I’ve always sent him the occasional email with weird, made-up stuff in it. Now he’s getting one per day. I consider it an art project. He’ll either catch on, not catch on, or block my address. Here’s yesterday’s (paraphrased, I neglected to keep a copy):

Heya, just checking in to see how you are.

Nothing much happening here. Well, except for the movie deal. And I’m marrying Russell Crowe. Yeah yeah, I know he’s not pretty, and he makes funny noises during sex, but he has horses. I like horses.


And here is today’s note:

Hi, it’s me.

Just wanted to let you know I’m joining the Peace Corps. I’m headed to Chechnya to teach English. It isn’t really a cover for the CIA, but I have been sent an entire wardrobe emblazoned with the Coca-Cola logo.


Now I just sits m’self back and waits.

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