WOMEN EMPLOYEES Submitted by Mary

Submitted by Mary Schweitz

This is an actual reprint of Mass Transportation magazine. During World War II, women began doing what had formerly been considered “man’s work,” including such things as driving a bus. Here are 11 “helpful tips” for supervisors (male) who found themselves dealing with this new element in the work force.

Eleven Tips on Getting more Efficiency out of Women Employees

There’s no longer any question whether transit companies should hire women for jobs formerly held by men. The draft and manpower shortage has settled that point. The important things now are to select the most efficient women available and how to use them to the best advantage. Here are eleven helpful tips on the subject from western properties:

  1. Pick young married women. They usually have more of a sense of responsibility than their unmarried sisters. They’re less likely to be flirtatious, they need the work or they wouldn’t be doing it, they still have the pep and interest go work hard and to deal with the public efficiently.
  2. When you have to use older women, try to get ones who have worked outside the home at some time in their lives. Older women who have never contacted the public have a hard time adapting themselves and are inclined to be cantankerous and fussy. It’s always well to impress upon older women the importance of friendliness and courtesy.
  3. General experience indicates that “husky” girls

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