So I was sitting around

So I was sitting around the house pouting, and decided fuggit, I’m going alone. And it was a very non-depressing experience. I walked right in to the hall and took my place at the left-center of the stage (hee, guess I’m always a little left of center). Between the opening act and The The, I was able to turn and sit and people-watch. There were an awful lot of people there solo. I hadn’t really started out self-conscious, but this felt good nonetheless. We were all just there to see Matt.

The The put on a great show. During the first half they were professional and performing beautifully, but seemed low-energy. After being called back the the stage a couple times, Matt finally admitted that it had been a hard tour so far and “he and the lads were a bit drunk from lack of sleep.” That seemed to help him relax, and he started bantering with the audience. We ate it up–these were some very rabid fans. I heard the man behind me say “this guy writes my diary”. He’s also the man that yelled “Where’s Johnny Marr?”, but we’ll forgive him for that.

The set list was a sweet mix of the new NakedSelf album and older cuts. Toward the end of the show, I had despaired of hearing my own favorite, Love is Stronger Than Death, but then Matt stepped up to the mic to say this was the last song, and the opening strains of Love started. I almost cried. The girl behind me gasped “this is my favorite song”…she actually was crying as we left the hall. It’s that kind of song. It was that kind of show. Even a mile-long walk home in the rain hasn’t dampened my mood.

So in closing tonight’s blog, I’ll repeat what the guy behind me kept yelling: “WE LOVE YOU MATT!”

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