By the end of the

By the end of the workday, I want a clean desk, and a clear sense of what I need to do around here. I’ve mentioned the organization thing before, haven’t I? Sigh. Well, I’m feeling better, so I think I can do this thang.

On another front related to feeling better, I must reluctantly admit that I had to dump vegetarianism for now. I got sick. I’m just not great about paying attention to what I eat and remembering to take vitamins. I’ve been doing both, and I’m perkier. I’ll try it again in a few months. I knew when I began that there would be a couple false starts before I got it down.

Last on my list of Things I Should Blog This Morning: Kel took me out on his new boat last night! The river was calm and golden. I said “Woohoo!” a lot. Afterwards, we met Scott for dinner. During the drive home we discussed at some length how good looking Scott is. Scott of course has no bloody clue. I’ll have to dig up my favorite picture so everyone can marvel at him.

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