Greenshoes: File Under It’s about

Greenshoes: File Under It’s about fucking time!

Yes, I finally, finally did it. I updated the Greenshoes Catalog. You won’t believe the stuff in there–I got a little flooded. Oh poor, poor me. Jerry, Paula, and JR, disks are on the way. If there’s anyone else on the list who hasn’t received a disk yet, let me know. I’m notorious for organizing projects after they get going, so I screw up at first. I’ve got it together now (remember the first part of the blogathon, before I got it together? It was like that. It’s better now, really). Also, if you’ve sent a disk and it’s not on the list, write me asap, because I don’t have it. This is some great, great stuff. Enjoy. Oh, and Chip: yeah you can send more than one mix.

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