So as nearly as I

So as nearly as I can determine, these are the rules for blogging:

  • Don’t link to other blogs.
  • If another blog links to you, don’t get all goopy about it.
  • Do include content other than your blog.
  • Don’t call it “content”.
  • Don’t snipe at other blogs.
  • If someone snipes at you, link to them.
  • Always include pictures of your boobs. Guys–nipples will do.
  • Don’t have conversations with another blogger via your blogs.
  • Don’t link to popular blogs.
  • Complain about all the people that link to you.
  • Brag about your hit count.
  • Don’t talk about your webstat anxiety.
  • Don’t talk about your sex-life.
  • Do talk about your sex-life.
  • Talk about drinking.
  • Don’t blog about blogging.
  • Don’t call it a blog.

I’ve tried to be exhaustive, and now I’m exhausted. I’m sure there are a couple I missed. Be sure to mail me with any you think of. Or you could just make some up.

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