I just returned from a

I just returned from a building briefing on bioterrorism. It was not as excruciating as I anticipated. He started out boring as hell, but then he was talking about the terror created by the infection of less than seven people; “Er, that’s a nice way of saying six.” We laughed. He loosened up after that. Interesting facts:

In 1998, there were about 30 anthrax hoaxes nationwide.
In 1999, there were about 5 per week.
In the last two weeks, there have been 3300 hoaxes.

He said he saw Tom Brokaw on the news asking: “Have we over-reported this?” Duh.

He (by the way, I don’t remember the speaker’s name. Sue me.) talked about the list you go over when you receive a threatening phonecall. It contains tons and tons of questions, because often the caller wants to talk about the whys and wherefores, so you get a lot of information. At the end of the form you ask (seriously) for the caller’s address. He said: “Maybe by the time you’ve gone through this whole thing you’ve built such a wonderful rapport that he’ll give you his email address and meet you for coffee at Starbuck’s.”

Anthrax is heavy and dark (though cutting agents can be anything). You have to do something stupid like slam a door or shake the envelope to get it in the air real good-like.

If we must be decontaminated, it will not be like Indiana where they sent everyone out on the sidewalk, stripped them, and hosed them down. To this, my boss shouted: “Are there any pictures?” I then struck my boss with an empty water bottle.

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