I asked the Eerily Accurate Magic Eight Ball (what sits on my desk, at work) if I would get laid at SXSW. The answer: WITHOUT A DOUBT. Finally. EAMEB has been very negative on this subject for a long time, so I have great confidence that it’s telling the unvarnished truth.

Will you be at SXSW? Maybe we’ll get lucky together! At the very least I’ll be attending the Interactive Festival, and there’s a high possibility I’ll stay for the Film Conference as well. It depends on schedule and budget. Work is picking up the interactive portion, which I thought ran concurrently with everything else. It actually ends earlier, so it complicates things.

If you are attending, leave a comment (yeah, there’s still an error. Do it anyway) or write me. We can meet up for a seminar, grab lunch, or just have sex*.

*Note: I play favorites; I am not first-come-first-served. Any rivalries I cannot resolve myself will be decided by kung-fu death match.

10 Responses to SeXSW

  1. nick says:

    You know, if there’s one thing that could get me on an aeroplane and across the Atlantic to an WorldWide InterNet conference, it’s the remote possibility that I’d end up in bed with Cat. I miss those cwtshes.

    /me practises kung fu moves

  2. jr says:

    I’ll be there for the interactive, and hopefully the film through the end of the interactive. I’d like to mix and match throughout both, but we’ll see – if my boss pays my way, it may be that I will actually have responsibilities (gasp!) while I’m there, so we’ll see. I should know what up by the end of the week.

    My damn neighbors are having sex again. Damn thin walls.

    Oh, and ceirog – I hope the promise of cwtshes is enough to lure you back home…

  3. drew says:

    SXSW is in the spring, isn’t it? I’ll be far, far away at the time. You could join me at NXNE in June…

  4. Cat says:

    Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. You are always wanting *me* to go the distance. Is your thumb broken?

  5. drew says:

    my thumb? in march there will be an ocean between us… or haven’t you been reading my site lately?

  6. Cat says:

    I was jok…oh, nevermind. Sigh. BTW, your site is a visual feast these days. Best design you’ve ever done.

  7. Jefferino says:

    Hee hee hee. You are the greatest Kat! Are you going to have T’Pau referee too?
    So if two guys were sweatily fighting each other over you–would this be a major turn-on? Although my Pookie gives me wood just by looking at me, I think, theoretically, I could dig two guys kung-fuing over me (as long as no one got badly hurt and we were all good friends afterward).


  8. Cat says:


    Tell ya what: if you can do the accent, you can help me ref.

    As for turn-ons…depends on costuming (or lack thereof, don’cha know).

  9. drew says:

    Are you teasing me, or do you really like my design?

  10. Cat says:

    I’m teasing you about the thumb. I’m serious about your design. It’s beautiful.