I, the amazing frykitty, will

I, the amazing frykitty, will now attempt to break as many rules as possible in ONE STUPENDOUS POST!

Let me begin by saying that I’m developing a particular fondness for three delectable bloggers. ::snif:: I love you guys, even if you link to me way too much. Jeeze, don’t you think 1,650 unique visitors a day is enough for any site?? Man…that many hits and I just sit all day and watch my stats, because I have to know.

I’d also like to especially mention fred, who said really nice stuff about me. That probably will get him moved to the “love” list as soon as I update it.

Here’s a picture of my boobs. (wow, I think I may have hit three rules at once there)

Oh, and one more thing about Jerwin, I want to get drunk and have you-know-what with his blog. His design kicks all our asses.

Well, that’s the best I can do short of stripping my site of its CONTENT.


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