Awake. 3:10am.

Bleary. Numb. Listening to the hum of the computer, needled by the glow of the monitor. The neighbors did a most unkind tapdance on my head. Reminding me that I wasn’t comfortable. I try for an hour. At last I wander out of the bedroom to find cats blissfully asleep, and the whole world quiet.

I check a half-dozen email accounts, hoping for something magical. A newsletter for Australian film. An eBay search. Nine pieces of spam: 1 tells me I’m a winner; 1 has a deal on life insurance; 1 will help me lose weight; 1 will help me get drugs; 5 want me to watch them have sex. Sometimes I think if I got porn spam that didn’t assume I had a penis, I might go for it.

Ah, probably not.

Back to bed.

4 Responses to Awake. 3:10am.

  1. Fred W. says:


    Please send all your porn spam my way. I have a penis. Just kidding, not about the penis; about sending me the spam. 😉

  2. Cat says:

    Oh, how very sorry you would be if I did that. 5 porn spams was only a few hours’ accumulation.

    But if you really want me to…

  3. Fred W. says:

    But if you really want me to…

    Kidding, I said I was kidding! No spam! I’ll be good.

  4. Cat says:

    Oh silly me. I misread that. I thought you were kidding about the penis.