Dental Floss Appreciation Day

It’s raining this morning. Walking through the park blocks I saw that the trees had shed much of their yellow leaves, making a gorgeous ground covering.

I struggled a bit with my wallet, but finally got it out and ran my card key through the reader. Inside, I flashed my ID to…an empty chair. WTF? Where the hell was security? I walked into the building, and noticed the cafeteria was closed. Oh no, I thought. I’ve finally done it. There was one lone after-hours guard at the front door. I asked him the question.

Yes, it’s a federal holiday.

It took me five years, but I knew eventually I would space one of these obscure suckers and come in anyway. I’m still not sure what holiday it is. Veteran’s day? Oy.

So here I am at my desk, using the color printer for something wonderful, which I will talk more about later. I may do some work.

Hee, I crack me up. I’m going home.

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