Feed Me Like You Mean It

There is no love lost between my cats. Observe:

Rreow, dammit!

Because of this, I have to feed them on opposite ends of the kitchen. The routine: Put the first dish down, have both cats go for it, grab the second dish and the smaller cat and put them both down at the other end of the floor. To sweeten the deal, I pet the smaller cat a little as I put her in front of her dish. The bigger cat realized this. Now when I put the other cat down, she just stands there waiting at her dish until I pet her too.

My cats: as weird as they wanna be.

2 Responses to Feed Me Like You Mean It

  1. jr says:

    Like mother…

  2. Limegirl says:

    Thank god I’m no longer alone. We have weird rituals at our house to try and keep Dusty and Mr. Cubbs coexisting peacefully. Mr. Cubbs, in fact, won’t come when you call him by his name, but he’ll come running if you call for Dusty.