Awake. 11:49pm

I haven’t decided exactly what to do with MT’s categories, but I did add one for insomnia. I imagine after a year it will make an interesting read–just these late night ramblings.

One of the best things about my apartment: Coke machine in the basement. Pretty cheap, too. So I sit, ruminating, sipping, listening to the livingroom-side neighbors do what they’re doing. Talking, I think. Possible moving furniture. Like most of the complex, the apartment next to me is filled with cute geeks. Usually a cute geek girl and a cute geek guy. I saw the girl yesterday. She seems friendly.

I’m tempted to continue watching The Human Condition, the first of Kobayashi’s WWII trilogy. It’s beautiful, but damned depressing. Tatsuya Nakadai gave a helluva performance as the idealist trying to run a labor camp. I have a feeling he’ll be beaten down, and I cringe to see it. I could be wrong. It’s nice to be so involved in a story.

I think I will go back to it. It will get the things that are on my mind off my mind. So what if I dream of slave labor. Hmm…Slave Labor…

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