Words of my Voice

Dear Faithful Readers:

You know when I point you to something cool, it’s generally very, very cool, right? So if I tell you where to get something pretty on the cheap, you’ll believe me, right? Good. I have a treat for you.

Words of my Voice is a graphic novel by my friend JR Hughto, who you see linked over on the right. I’ve been getting to know Jeremy’s work, and the guy stuns me. His visions always go deeper than I expect. His work is wildly beautiful. And all this praise will probably embarrass him, so I’ll quit and give you the salient facts. You can buy WomV here, 200 pages of art for the exceedingly cheapo price of $8. You can download the first chapter in pdf form here if you’d like to take a longer peek than I’m about to give you. And here’s that peek:

PS: Anyone who follows JR will know I just swiped part of his entry. I fully acknowledge this, and I did ask.

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