Six Different Ways

I stumbled on SixDifferentWays because a semi-regular read of mine was made Blog Babe of the Week. Yech, I thought. What sexist bullshit is this?

It isn’t. It’s actually quite sweet.

SDW is a quirky, funky spot. Don’t miss the chairs.

3 Responses to Six Different Ways

  1. Charles says:

    Thanks…I like your spot, as well.
    The “Babe” word is loaded and it’s supposed to be sort of a parody – but maybe I’ll change it yet 🙂
    Good luck to you both with the labrets!

  2. soulsister says:

    Indeed it is. I’m no babe. Just a plain lass.

    So, it’s nice to be back here again. I see you have revamped the whole site. Brilliant! But the nail in the palm (is that a nail?) is just so… OUCH!

  3. Cat says:

    Sister: your xtian upbringing is getting the best of you. 😉 No nail. Just my hand. Of course I drew and altered it to be disturbing. Me? Disturbing? heh.

    Charles: Don’t change a thang. It’ll get you dates with reactionary feminists.