Head Like A Hole

Speaking of head holes, I have a new one. Unlike most piercings which are relatively painless, this hurt like a fucking bitch. As it should have, since I wanted a 14 gauge hoop and it went through scar tissue. I knew better than to expect the happy little sting. The piercer is very good though. I do wish I had noticed the circumference of the ring. It’s small for my taste, and I’ll have to trade up once this heals. Otherwise, I’m terribly, terribly pleased with my new metal.

‘Sokay, I’m good with pain, and it only hurts once. Until you get in a bar fight and someone rips it out.

On a humorous note, on the way out of the shop there were a bunch of folks in front who of course asked Anna and I what we had done. Anna is 18, but she looks about 13. They asked if we were mother and daughter. No, Anna explained, I was a friend, and I paid for her piercing! Walking away I mumbled: “Thanks, now they think I’m your lesbian sugar mamma.”

It was a fun evening and we giggled ourselves hoarse.

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