Happy Monday

No really, I mean it.

Friday: New ring in the nose and a fantastic, giggly evening with Anna.

Saturday: Midnight Oil with Scott. The more the concert sinks in, the more I love that band.

Sunday: First phonecall from a new long-distance friend. I’m a notorious phone hater, but it was a really nice conversation with a deeply interesting person. Made my day. Also made me wish I could meet him at some little cafe and hang out. Such is always the way. Note to scientists: hurry up with the transporter technology already.

Monday: Invited to Thanksgiving at Kelly’s house. I thought all my friends would be out of town, but Kel just wants to do a friend thang. This is exceedingly cool, and I’m jazzed. Also, I got a ZERO BALANCE bill from the Evil Phone Company; month two of such. It’s commupance for screwing me so severely, and it’s making me grin.

I’ve had a very good run lately. Yeah.

2 Responses to Happy Monday

  1. jane/jen says:

    so was the long-distance friend a result of the personal ad you blogged about last month or so?

  2. Cat says:

    Oh, definitely not. In fact, I specified no long-distance in the ad. The ad is bust–no one with an adequate mind. I pulled it.

    Um, I guess I’m a little picky, eh?