Uber Duck

On the river there is a type of duck that dives for fish. I know not what it’s called–I’m not good with my ducks. He glides, half underwater, his neck sticking up like a tiny seamonster, then he dives, and stays down so long an observer might think he’d grown tired of his little ducky life. Minutes later, he’ll emerge, often an impossible distance from his submersion point.

This morning as I walked, I saw one of these uber-cool duckies. He’d just come from a successful dive, and had a silvery fish wiggling in his beak. A seagull thought this looked like easy pickings; he coasted down from a pylon heading for the duck. But our Ducky was clever. He took another dive, and by the time he came back up, he was gobbling down the last of his breakfast, foiling the thieving gull.

The seagull returned to his pylon, disappointed and looking a little annoyed. I was grinning about that duck for blocks.

2 Responses to Uber Duck

  1. Jim says:

    Are you sure it isn’t a loon?

  2. Cat says:

    Could be. I’m not so good with the nature stuff.