Several weeks ago one of my co-workers was backing out of her office while talking to someone. As I passed by, she said “Yuuuuck!” in response to whatever was being said. Of course it sounded like she was responding to me. I got a laugh out of it, and replied: “Eeeewwww!”

Since then, every time we see one another it’s: Yuck! Eeeeww!

I know it’s normal for guys to call each other nasty names in an endearing fashion, but women don’t generally do this, so it tickles me. Next time I get together with my chick friends, I should try calling them names like “old crack whore” and “bitch on a tricycle” and see how it goes over.

Or maybe not.

3 Responses to Yuck!

  1. Jeani says:

    One of my chick friends and I call each other terrible things all the time. My favorite that she calls me is “Jeani ho bitch.” I generally respond with “Allie whore” (her real nickname is Allie-whoo).

    Gee…I bet that makes people want to get to know me better, huh?

  2. Steph says:

    Totally funny!! I couldn’t stop laughing……

  3. Amanda says:

    I do this with one of my friends too, but its much more vulgar. lol. When we are meeting each other somewhere public we always great each other with some type of awful comment. Most people look at us with a certain degree of fear in their eyes, wondering if we are about to get in a big ole back alley cat fight. Its a riot.