Just go. Go now.

This one is going to leave me searching for happy adjectives. Okay, here goes:

Amelie is the bouyant story of a creative young woman who decides to affect the lives of those around her, and finally her own life. The things she does will leave you wishing you were cleverer and braver. My two companions and I left the theatre wearing ridiculous grins.

I tend to look for the flaw in a film. “Well, that was good,” I’ll say, “except for those three awkward cuts.” Yes, I’m that picky. Amelie is one of a handful of flawess films I’ve seen. Writing, acting, direction, cinematography, and yes even editing (my bugaboo) are perfect. The movie carries you swimmingly along to the satisfying end.

If you miss this film, we can’t be friends anymore.

1 Responses to Amelie

  1. Trubie says:

    You know, on some level, I *KNEW* you would watch movies like I watch movies. My friends hate it.

    “Would you stop critiquing the edits and just *WATCH* the movie??” 🙂