Avert Your Eyes: Boring Entry Ahead

I’m having an anxious, insecure day. There are tears lurking for no reason (no, it isn’t that time of the month, so just quit thinking it, butthead). It will probably pass in an hour or so. Strangely, I’m not in a bad mood–it’s just a funny feeling.

Came in to work today to a CLEAN desk! I spent a lot of time organizing yesterday, and it is so worth it. I get three times the work done when I’m well organized. The cliche that you don’t have time not to organize is true, true, true. I wish I were better about keeping up with it.

Boss is out today. I would be too if I were him. That’s how I react to a chewing–I put on a brave face for the day then take the next day off. He’ll bounce back.

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