Amelie Again

What a smashing evening I’ve had.

Met Anna after work, pasta at the usual place, then off to the piercer’s. Anna was to get her labret shortened. I hadn’t planned on anything as I was a little low on funds, but by the time we got there, I decided plastic would do. It had been a good week, and I felt like getting more metal in my head. One ring in the left ear (that’s all I’ll get there), and two in the right, all matching the gauge of my nose. The two on the right are the beginning of a line that will go up…until I run out of ear or decide to stop.

We bussed back downtown to see a movie, singing Jane’s Addiction songs and discussing junkies. Amelie was still at the Fox, and when I found out she hadn’t seen it, that was that. We came out of the theatre with what I call the “Amelie Effect”: stupid grins and a feeling that all is right with the world. I noticed more the second time, and didn’t enjoy it any less. What an amazing, amazing flick. We picked up promo cards in the lobby on the way out.

Giggling for 30 minutes while we waited for her bus, we said goodbye with promises to go see LOTR.

2 Responses to Amelie Again

  1. Jeani says:

    Amelie is just such a beautiful movie! I want to thank you, Cat, for recommending it. Paul and I had briefly considered going before, but after your glowing review, I knew I had to see it. We went this weekend, and I think I’m still feeling the Amelie Effect.

  2. Cat says:

    Woo! I’m glad!