Hammer Dulcimer V

I’m a mess of anxiety, waiting to hear from the woman who sold me the dulcimer. I know that I have to return it. There is no getting around a pin that moved through wood like it was putty. I will never be able to tune that machine.

I went over and over it in my head. Was I over tightening? I can’t arrive at a yes. I was tuning the string exactly where it should have been tuned, and the pulling began immediately. My first thought was that this was my fault somehow, but it just isn’t.

I feel rudderless. I had big plans–even if they were only spending time with the instrument. Especially over the next two long weekends (long weekends are challenging for me). Now this huge hole has been punched in my immediate future.


2 Responses to Hammer Dulcimer V

  1. judith says:

    have you heard from her yet, kitty?

  2. Cat says:

    Yes–she asked for my phone numbers and a few more details. I’m concerned because she says she shipped the instrument tuned. I noticed that an attempt had been made at tuning, but of course it didn’t survive the shipping.

    I would never ship a stringed instrument tuned. I wouldn’t even ship it stringed.