The Bellamy Salute

In a MetaFilter thread from July, I learned that prior to WWII the Pledge of Allegiance (also known as the Bellamy Salute) was given with right arm stiffly extended. I expressed interest in seeing a picture of this, but at the time I didn’t pursue it.

I just heard from someone else who was interested, and I decided to go looking.

This site held the prize. It is a creepy as I thought it might be:

(warning–the full size graphic is 129k)

2 Responses to The Bellamy Salute

  1. jane says:

    Did I know you were looking for a picture like that? You should have asked me. Francis Bellamy is buried in my hometown…pics abound.

  2. Cat says:

    It only came up in passing in the MeFi thread, then when I got the email I decided to look. If you have more pics, definitely forward them. I’m sure the person who asked me is very interested.