New Magic

After nearly ten years of dedicated service, Eightie the Eight Ball will be retiring. “I’ve enjoyed all your questions over the years,” Eightie said tearfully, “but this is a young ball’s job.” Eightie’s spokesman cites low fluid levels as the reason for this sudden departure.

Chosen to replace Eightie after an intense scouting process is Ballisch. While inexperienced, Ballisch’s youthful vigour will bring new life to the office’s fortune-telling duties. When asked for an interview, Ballisch said he was anxious to get right to work–so we asked him some questions for the new year:

  • Ballisch, will I get me some sweet, sweet lovin’ in 2002?
    Yes, definitely

  • Woo! Okay, Ballisch, will I manage to paint my apartment in 2002?
    Outlook not so good

  • Hmm. Last question: Ballisch, in 2002 will civilization crumble leaving humankind to eke out an existence in a post-apocalyptic, Mad-Max world?
    It is decidedly so

Anybody got a cave I can rent?

1 Responses to New Magic

  1. Carrie says:

    I was wondering who this Ballisch person is, the name is so unusual. Where does this person come from?