My project for today was to take a self-portrait for 2002 where I: a) Am not wearing a tee-shirt; b) look like a girl; c) am not making a silly face. The first wasn’t too bad, the second was irritating, and the third was harder than I thought. This is the one with which I am happiest:

4 Responses to Portrait

  1. Jerwin says:

    Hey Suzy! 🙂

  2. Cat says:

    Hey Baby! I’ll clean your house if you’ll be my sugar-daddy!

  3. Brigitte says:

    Hey, nice pic 🙂 !
    But c’mon! You don’t mean to make us believe
    you’re as harmless and innocent as that? – 😉 ?!
    By the way, re b), how do you normally manage
    to conceal you’re a girl? And what, pray, is so
    bad about looking feminine…?

  4. Cat says:

    Oh, nothing. It’s just a pain. I wear makeup maybe once or twice a year. More than five minutes on hair? Forget it!