Martha Fantasies

For the record: I am a feminist. The only caveat I might make is that I’m more of a humanist, because I get ticked when either gender is maligned. But that’s not what this spew is about. I just wanted this here as a disclaimer.

In the spirit of being honest with myself, I’m going to make a stunning admission: I have a fantasy about being a homemaker. Several years ago I had what I call my “Martha year” and planted a garden and did all sorts of homey things. I malign it publicly, but the truth is: it was fun. I just didn’t have the energy for all of that when holding down a full-time job and doing a dozen web projects. I had to trim my priorities, and out went Suzy Homemaker.

Still, the fantasy persists. Becoming independently wealthy or even marrying into a big, ancient house that needs someone. I love taking care of things. I don’t do it enough, but I actually enjoy cleaning house and making things nice. There just isn’t time.

So there–my secret is out. I’m a closet housewife. I am not ashamed.

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