BlogCon 2002

Well, funding fell through for SXSW (darned Congress!), but I’m thinking this may be a fun substitute. If I go, will you go?

5 Responses to BlogCon 2002

  1. kd says:

    absolutely! great idea, and the follow up afterparty to the blogathon, is an even better idea.

    we’re (this is unofficial) going to be booking at the Aladdin which has broadband in the rooms & flat panel PCs available for the unlaptopped.

  2. hoopty says:

    Hi FryKitty! It’s gonna be a slammin’ shindig at the BlogCon! You gots ta go. I’m goin’. Heck, you don’t know me but we gotta hook up! I’m shaving my head for charity!

  3. skits says:

    Hey frykitty! Thanks for the plug, you rock, m’dear. 😀 Very glad to meet you.

  4. Cat says:

    Woo! Hi everyone! Thanks for the go-ahead on the after-party. I’m going to shuffle over to the blogathon egroup some time today and post this!

  5. kd says:

    excellent! it’s going to be so much fun, i can barely bear to wait…