Big Changes for Greenshoes

  1. New mix!
    Heike serves up the European power pop for mix number 17. Four languages, no waiting.

    (I actually have another mix waiting to go up–but I’m holding it for a week! I’m mad with POWAH!)

  2. You can get it!
    Remember how I said I’d change things once the catalog was beefed up? We’ve got the beef, so I’ve changed the rules. You can get any disk in the catalog by sending me a blank. See the catalog for details.

  3. You get more for your mix!
    If you submit a mix, you’ll get TWO choices from the catalog. If you leave it up to me, the default is Greenshoes plus something I pick at random.

  4. But I already did a mix! That’s not fair!
    Sure it is. Just write me and tell me what you want for your retro-active bonus disk. It will come winging your way.

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