Three Days of the Condor

Why would I write about a movie made in 1975? Because dollars to donuts, a lot of folks haven’t seen it. Great movies deserve to be discovered, current or not.

Three Days of the Condor is a bit quieter than most spy thrillers. Not much explodes, though a few people do get shot real good-like. Robert Redford plays our bookworm hero–the ultimate geek who defeats the bad guys because he reads everything. He’s cool–almost to cool–as he cogitates his way through a maze of counter-plots and untrustworthy characters. In the end, the villains’ motivations may strike you as very…familiar.

Understated performances all around; Faye Dunaway and Max von Sydow are particularly charismatic. The engrossing storyline is fast and clear, but never dull. This is a great stay-home-with-popcorn movie, a real treat. Jot it down for the next time you’re in the video store.

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