The Mothman Prophecies

When The Mothman Prophecies comes out on DVD, I’ll be sure to at least rent it. No, I didn’t like it. I’m hoping for a director’s commentary so I can learn what the hell Mark Pennington was trying to do.

Massively incohesive–nay–downright sloppy, Mothman is a wasted concept with a good soundtrack. It’s like Pennington learned a mess of cool tricks in film school and decided to try them all at once. The result is a choppy experiment in segues. Scenes were treated like segments of Seinfeld, with shots of whatever and music in between. Lots and lots and tons of unecessary footage. None of it long, but very little of it compelling. Bad editor; no donut.

Frustrating for the viewer, the movie gets so close to being good. It attempts and fails to be a love story. Attempts and fails to be edgy. Attempts and fails to be creepy. Remember Red Leader in Star Wars? He goes in to make the shot just before Luke, and says: “Almost there…almost there…” and then gets blown up. Pennington is almost there.

All that said, the movie has its good bits–they are vignettes drowning in the general mayhem. This is why I will watch for the next Pennington film. After all, he did Arlington Road, for which I have a soft spot. He’s hashed out a lot of different ideas in Mothman, and they should be ripe for his next attempt. I just hope he doesn’t use more than ten or twenty of them.

2 Responses to The Mothman Prophecies

  1. laine says:

    i hear low has a few songs on the soundtrack. that’s exciting. low. they’re neat.

  2. Cat says:

    The soundtrack is very good–I think I may nab it.