Flattery and Bribery

“…you are one of my internet idols. I look up to you and think you’re so swell and keen. Plus you have a cool nose ring.”

“I will send you a Valentine’s Day present in return. I may send you one anyway.”

Two very effective tactics for getting a valentine. What’s your tactic? Don’t keep me in suspense, tell me what’s in it for me.* Seven days and counting, valentine.

*Note: Bribes are not really necessary, and probably illegal.

2 Responses to Flattery and Bribery

  1. Dawn says:

    Ok, I just wrote a comment and I think I accidently closed the box….don’t know if I sent it or not….LOL So here’s a recap just in case…diggin the new look! Miss our little chit-chats at work!

  2. Cat says:


    Ah, you’d miss those talks anyway–I’ve been too busy to take a breath! We need to meet up for lunch or somethin’.