The deadline looms, valentine!

You are the Web-Goddess of all that is good….and because next time you need your haircut, your hair will be in my hands! *evil laugh*

I am also a Random Valentine-r! I randomly choose Valentines! I think it would be most awesome to have you be one valentines and for me to be yours.

You’ve seen a few of the entries–while I didn’t put up each one, I want everyone to know I LOVE YOU ALL! The deadline is tomorrow at midnight, and I’ll announce the winner on February 8. There’s still time! Be mine!

7 Responses to The deadline looms, valentine!

  1. Cat says:

    Standard note: Nope, I won’t share your personal information. I hate, hate, hate spam. Smooches!

  2. j.edwards says:

    +++Myself and others like me are of the opinion that the fellow who knows the R.E.M. lyrics ought to win.+++

  3. jr says:

    I voted for you, jedi, but I was informed that my vote doesn’t count. ~Fucking fascists.~

  4. Cat says:

    Get your own valentine contest, jr.

  5. jr says:


  6. Cat says:

    Note to readers: jr didn’t even enter. ~He knows he hasn’t a chance in hell.~

  7. Anonymous says:

    I knew you would like Web-Goddess status….LOL