A Beautiful Mind

The question: Will Russell Crowe win again?
The answer: Well, yes.

A Beautiful Mind was not a challenging film. It was neither serious nor transformative, despite the main character’s triumphs. It was a decent piece of entertainment. For two hours, it was engaging. Everything was adequate and expected: there was emotional manipulation, above-average performances, and reliable direction. I wasn’t bowled over, but I did enjoy myself.

Crowe will win for two reasons: First, this is the type of movie that is perfect for Oscar. It is not beyond a general audience, and for the most part it doesn’t talk down to them. Second, Crowe’s performance was very, very good. Indeed, the most enjoyable part of the movie by far was watching him work his way through the part with his usual attention to detail.

There has been buzz for Connelly, but the part doesn’t merit consideration. Her character is explored primarily through exposition, and we don’t get to see much depth. This is a shame, as there was ample opportunity, and she is certainly up to the task. Truly, this is Crowe’s film, and though Connelly sparkles in what she is offered, everyone else walks through their orbit of Crowe. I recommend A Beautiful Mind for his performance (because no one wants to miss the winner, right?), but expect only that, as this film will not change your life, nor even make an appreciable impression. Just go to be entertained.

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  1. Meghana says:

    I loved that movie, possibly one of my favorites. Good discussion on your part about why it will win an Oscar. Nice site too.. very neat layout. Good job!