Presidents’ Weekend Marathon 6:Rollerball

I’m a fan of the underdog. I wanted to like this movie, and went in with as positive an attitude as I could muster. I had especially high hopes after the opening street-luge scene, which left my head catching air.

Alas, my underdog turned out to be merely a dog.

I have seen the original Rollerball, but don’t remember much of it, so will refrain from comparing the two. I will compaire Chris Klein to Keanu Reeves, who he was obviously meant to emulate. Klein loses. I’ll compare Rebecca Romijn-Stamos to Raquel Welch just for the sheer hell of it. The Beckster loses. I’ll compare Jean Reno to Jean Reno in anything else. What was he doing in this movie?

Worst bits: an outdoor night scene filmed entirely as if it were seen through night-vision goggles. The editing. Oh my, what craptacular editing. The soundtrack–but then I’ve never cared much for Eric Serra.

Good bits: sometimes you catch a glimps of Pink on the big video screen!

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