Presidents’ Weekend Marathon 7:Hart’s War

Fewer violins, and this might have been a good movie.

Hart’s War is not a total disaster. The plot is decently written and compelling. It’s gritty, but not overly realistic. It thinks a bit. Then the music swells, the audience is spoonfed, and all thought ceases. It’s a damned shame.

While performances were adequate, the truth is most of the actors seemed lackluster. Colin Farrell was especially weak in the lead, and could have been better in another’s hands. One standout was Marcel Iures–a charismatic SS Major, and a surprisingly sympathetic character.

While I won’t spoil, the end of Hart’s War is a prime example of one directorial decision destroying any chance a film had of being art. If the ending had come quickly and left the audience to mull it over, it would have raised the level of the entire film. But no. There had to be music, beauty shots, and a heartfelt voiceover. Stupid, stupid, stupid. It backfires, and the boxoffice shows it. Note to directors everywhere: less is more.

Side note: saw a preview for Death to Smoochy. This is one Robin Williams film I will be looking forward to. Nope, not kidding.

3 Responses to Presidents’ Weekend Marathon 7:Hart’s War

  1. Sennoma says:

    “Death to Smoochy”???


  2. Cat says:

    Don’t worry, my smoochies for you will never die!

  3. Sennoma says:

    Whew! 🙂