Presidents’ Weekend Marathon 10:Bound

I’ve only done three movies so far today. Feeling a bit of a wimp. I think I’ll do better tomorrow as I have a mess of renters. Did you know? Renting six at one time will get you funny looks at the local Blockbuster.

My first renter was Bound. This was what the Wachowskis were doing before The Matrix. I can’t begin to explain how tiresome I find lesbian chic; nonetheless, this wasn’t a bad flick. Tight plot, decent performances. There was some very pretty set design. Not a bad renter.

5 Responses to Presidents’ Weekend Marathon 10:Bound

  1. Brigitte says:

    This shouldn’t get you funny looks – it should get you a discount!!
    Oh, how I envy you! Some of your films don’t even make it over here. And those that do are in German… :

  2. mystery (un)white boy says:

    Bound was lesbian flick? I thought they were just being good friends!

  3. jr says:

    3 sentences on the film, and one is about lesbian chic? I blame tired-itis from too many movies. One major thrust of both the film and the plot is turning the gender power relations on their head – a “butch” ex-con, a pretty “kept” mob woman, a “traditional” Italian gangster. Seems straight forward. The whole point is that the relationship that forms between the women is _not_ stereotypical lesbian chic. Is there some cheesecake? Yes. Is it a crutch for the film? No. More important than the W bros is that this is how Joe Pantaliano got out of B movies with a great, compelling performance.

    Not quite as tiresome as lesbian chic is the railing against it. Hee.

  4. Cat says:

    I don’t think the Ws pulled it off as well as Lynch. All the Bros W did was flip roles, while Lynch seemed to understand how being a woman changes the nature of things essentially.

    And yeah, I was tired–but remember also that Bound came out at the very height of lesbian chic, and had it come out a few years earlier, it would have had a different script and cast. I kept comparing what they did with what Lynch did, and they came up short. If I had seen this movie before Mulholland Drive, it would have fared better.

  5. tallpaul says:

    I really enjoyed this film. I thought the cinematography (sp) was great, and it was quite suspenseful. One of the better DVD’s I’ve seen recently.

    I am curious what the lesbian audience thought of the movie. Did they like it or hate it?