Presidents’ Weekend Marathon 11:Hoop Dreams

Shit! I can’t believe the coach kept him on the bench for being five minutes late!

Er, what I mean to say is, Hoop Dreams is pretty involving, even for a non-sports fan.

The trick to a documentary is to take a real-life story and create the same type of dramatic tension one finds in fiction. Hoop Dreams follows two Chigaco boys through highschool as they pursue their dreams of playing in the NBA. The viewer is drawn into the stories of William and Arthur immediately. In life as in fiction, things don’t always turn out the way we expect, for better or worse.

At almost three hours, this is a good film to rent so you can take a break, though you may not want to. I was attentive from start to finish, anxious to find who would succeed. If you’re not a sports fan, this movie is still for you. I couldn’t care less about basketball. There’s a lot of drama here, and a lot of things to cheer for and a few things to cry about. A successful documentary on every level; if you missed this in the theatre, go rent it now.

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